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If you are looking for a combination of a classroom atmosphere and the ease of being able to complete the courses at home, the California Live Guided Learning Solution is the package for you!

Included in this package are the following correspondence courses: Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate. This solution goes one step further to help you succeed and incorporates OnDemand review of each correspondence course with a Real Estate Broker! After you’ve reviewed the instruction, text, and online resources, wrap up your studies and make final preparations for the exam with our new California Live or OnDemand Exam Prep course!

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Real Estate Principles (45-Credit Hours): Become successful in your field by understanding key topics such as time management, the listing and selling process, property valuation, closing the sale, escrow procedure, taxes, financing, and more. Topics include: Land Descriptions and Subdivisions, Acquisition and Transfer of Real Property, Liens and Encumbrances, Leases, Contracts, Unlawful Discrimination, Agency and Business Principles, and Ethics.

Real Estate Practice (45-Credit Hours): A real estate license does not come with an operating manual, so we have created courses that focus on what it really takes to succeed in the business and will expand your knowledge of the industry in an engaging and effective forum. Topics include: The Business of Real Estate, The Art of Pricing and Listing, and How to Find and Counsel the Buyer.

Legal Aspects of Real Estate (45-Credit Hours): Make the law come alive and explore some of the common myths and misconceptions that affect your day-to-day activities. Find out how you can avoid legal entanglements with this exciting course! Topics include: Real Estate Laws, Contract Clauses, Influential Agency Policies and Concepts, and Disclosure Guidelines and Procedures.

Exam Prep: Over 70 years of preparation has gone into the finest exam prep course on the market today. This course provides laser-focused review of exam content delivered by the industry’s best instructors. Don’t waste your time on unproven courses, enroll today!

**Please contact the Brokerage for specific class dates and times.**

Live Classes offered In Spring March- May & Fall September-November

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